Material for cultivating bamboo shoots in bamboo forest and method for preparation of same


  • Inventors: LIMIN FU
  • Assignees: 浙江大学
  • Publication Date: December 18, 2002
  • Publication Number: CN-1385056-A


The preparation method of special-purpose material for cultivating bamboo shoots includes the following steps: mixing 5-50% of wheat powder, corn powder and rice flour which are powdered material andpossess cohesive and film-forming action, water-proof solid cross-linker and 1-10% of water soluble polymer resin and polyvinyl alcohol colloid in foaming extruding machine; heating and controlling temperature at 120-180 deg.c, melting and adding skeleton filling material, 10-80 % of rice husk powder, 1-10% of hamboo shoots special-purpose fertilizer containing silicon, preservation and insecticide whose content is less than 1% and 0.1-2% of foaming agent; mixing, extruding, puffing and cooling so as to obtain the invented foamed granular special-purpose material for cultivating bamboo shoots.




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