Method for three-dimensional interplanting of Folium Artemisiae Argyi together with chaenomeles fruit plants


  • Inventors: LIHAI HUANG
  • Assignees: 黄立海
  • Publication Date: May 21, 2003
  • Publication Number: CN-1418472-A


The interplanting stereo cultivation method of magwort and Chaenomeles (a Chinese plant) belongs to the field of high and new agricultural planting technology, and is characterized by that A. it solves the technical problem of symplastic growth of two plants with difference in growth space and photoperiodicity; B it solves the comprehensive technical scheme including cultivating seedling, cuttingpropagation, irrigation, harvest and field management; C the mugwort is a pure natural Chinese medicinal material; and D. The Chaenomeles can be used for extracting pure natural plant proteinase and for making flavour series foods and its root, stem and leaf can be used for preparing plant zymolytic bactericidal additive enzyme preparation for refuse.




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